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Wall mounted charging station

Stylish charging station with LED-backlight and advertising platform with wall mount or stand for public places. One or two stations can be attached to one rack. Each station is designed to simultaneously recharge up to 8 smartphones and tablets.

Perfect For visitors to shopping centers, airports and train stations, water parks, cinemas, bowling alleys and other public places, as well as to fitness centers, restaurants, bars and cafes, waiting rooms, exhibition complexes, offices and many other places and institutions …

If you want to keep visitors at your event, then the service of recharging smartphones and other modern gadgets using our walker device is what you need! Place it anywhere in the crowd, and you’ll see your visitors reaction , which now can spend more time at the event.

To attract and retain visitors to your venue for as long as possible, thereby increasing purchasing power and loyalty, you need a walker charging station. This is a great solution for any type of ebent. It can charge up to 16 gadgets at a time. Install a walker device near one of your venues and place customizable promotion on it.